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From sea to store… with care

SILVER FOOD is the largest fully integrated fish cannery in Casablanca, Morocco operating in state of the art facilities. Specializing in the canning of sardines, mackerel and tuna, our 800,000 sq ft facility has an annual capacity in excess of 100 million cans on 9 dedicated production lines.

Our processing and freezing facility has 4 freezing tunnels in addition to a spiral freezer capable of producing over 2.2 tons per hour of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) products ensuring optimum quality and freshness of our products.

To complete our integrated supply chain and ensure he highest quality of our raw materials, we invested in a Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) vessel. It is capable of delivering over 200 tons of sardines and mackerel per day at chilled temperatures.

Friends & partners

H&P AMERICA is SILVER FOOD’s partner for the North American market. Together we ensure a door-to-door solution with immediate and trusted service.

Meet Moroccan fish

Morocco is blessed with miles of pristine coastline situated with the Medtiterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Sitting just off the coast is a continental shelf with an upwelling of deep water which creates an environment rich in nutritative salts and a high degree of biological productivity. Constant trade winds propel water away from the coast which is replaced by nutrient rich water from the depths of the sea. All of these elements combine to create rich feeding grounds producing a plentiful harvest and hold the secret formula for the tasty and healthy fish for which the region is famous.

  • Casablanca's Greatest Catch-canned seafood
  • Casablanca's Greatest Catch-canned seafood

Fishing is our culture

Seafood is an integral part of our Moroccan culture and diet. For as long as recorded history, local fisherman have ventured to the rich waters off the Moroccan coast bringing home baskets full of a variety of fish. This tradition continues today, though with larger vessels capable of refrigerating fish fresh from the catch. Modern processing and canning ensures Moroccan fish sold around the world are just as tasty and healthy as they day they were caught.

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Wild healthy catch

Fish is loaded with important nutrients, such as protein and vitamin D and the world’s best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredibly important for the human’s body and brain. Our fish are always caught wild at sea and are free from chemicals, antibiotics, drugs, and hormones often found in farm-raised fish.

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SILVER FOOD continuously invests in modern equipment ranging from the latest “Steriflow” retorts to innovations in packaging and multimode transport solutions. Automated processing and packing lines provide consistent quality and flexibility to meet our customers’ demand.

Our processes and team of highly qualified personnel ensure full traceability from sea to store along with onsite laboratories carrying out daily chemical and microbiological analysis supplemented with rapid histamine checks of all inbound raw material.

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Casablanca's Greatest Catch-steriflow

Quality assured

Since we own the entire supply chain, we can ensure quality products are delivered consistently. This quality is backed by a number of third party accreditations including certified IFS and BRC version 7, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, FDA registration and the sustainable seafood certification “Friends of the Sea”. We are also working towards Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. Our products are certified kosher and halal and we use Non-GMO ingredients.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-certifications


Sustainability is no doubt the key to the future as it is the only way to ensure a future for current and next generations. SILVER FOOD lives vigorously by this philosophy today and continuously strives to improve our sustainable efforts.

• Fishing with minimum bycatch. Our vessel is equipped with nets specifically designed for the targeted species. Cameras in the net tell us when to prevent by-catch.
• We carefully obey the strict regulations on fishing seasons and we harvest in grounds that are not overfished.
Zero waste! Every single part of a raw material is used. Fish by-product is used for fish meal and oil.
Clean water management! Used water is filtered and cleaned, and reused where possible.
• SILVER FOOD is built around people and expertise in their craftsmanship. We benefit our 1,200 employees with fair wages and a secure job.
• We care for our employees! We operate multiple busses that transport employees from and to home.
Work safety is important… very important!

Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), whose mission is the conservation of the marine habitat by means of market incentives. Friend of the Sea has created a project to certify and promote seafood and products from sustainable fisheries.

Friend of the Sea originates from the Earth Island Institute's DolphinSafe Project, the precursor of all sustainable seafood certification schemes. The DolphinSafe Project has saved millions of dolphins from getting killed by the tuna fishery in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

Friend of the Sea is a leading international certification project for products originated from sustainable fisheries. Certified products from all continents include most of the traded species, fishmeal, fish feed and Omega-3 fish oil. Products and their origins are audited onsite by independent international certification bodies, against strict Friend of the Sea sustainability criteria



The Moroccan “Pilchard Sardines” are the internationally recognized genuine sardines. We fish them in summer and fall when they are at their healthiest and tastiest. We time our harvest so that our sardines have a delicate flavor and slightly firm texture.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-Sardines

We offer…

• Sardines Skinless & Boneless in Water
• Sardines Skinless & Boneless in Vegetable Oil
• Sardines Skinless & Boneless in Mustard Sauce
• Sardines Skinless & Boneless in Louisiana Sauce
• as well as Whole Sardines

…all in 4.4oz Club can or 3.75oz Dingley can with printed litho, sleeve box or easy-open lid.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-sardines
Casablanca's Greatest Catch-sardines

Skinless & boneless


Our “Skinless & Boneless” sardines are a delicacy! Skinning is done manually and can only be done by experienced hands. It takes around 20 seconds to skin one sardine and there are usually four sardines per can. Though it may not sound like a lot, there is much love, care and effort that goes into packing each can by hand. We don’t shy away from a labor intense effort since it means offering the best quality product.



The Atlantic chub mackerel “Scomber colias” is a pelagic schooling species found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In late summer and autumn the fish are fat and roe-filled and ready for harvest.

Mackerel is delicately textured and resembles a fresh tuna steak in flavor. It can be enjoyed on your favorite cracker or eaten directly out of the can. For best experience our mackerel is always "skinless & boneless". We guarantee you will be impressed with this flavorful, white meat Moroccan Mackerel.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-Mackerel

We offer…

• Mackerel Fillet in Sunflower Oil
• Mackerel Fillet in Olive Oil
• or fillet in your requested sauce

Available in 4.4oz Club can
with litho print, sleeve box or easy-open lid.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-mackerel



Skipjack (or “Tuna Light”) is the most popular tuna for consumption. The meat of this fish is darker of color, sometimes slightly pinkish. It has a relatively tender texture and tastes a bit more fishy than other tuna. The smaller size of the Skipjack makes it ideal for tuna chunks.

We offer…

• Skipjack Tuna Flaked in Water
• Skipjack Chunk Light in Water
• Skipjack Solid Light in Water
• or Skipjack in your custom sauce

…in 5oz and 12oz round tins and 3oz multipacks.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-Tuna Light+White



Due to its white colored meat Albacore is also called “the chicken of the sea” or “White Tuna”. The meat is slightly dry and less fishy.

We offer…

• Albacore Solid White in Water
• and Albacore fillet

…in 5/oz and 12oz round tins and multipacks.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-tuna chunk light
Casablanca's Greatest Catch-tuna solid white

Gourmet tuna fillet


Yellowfin tuna tends to have a yellow/brown meat. The structure of the meat is firm and the taste is mild. Yellowfin is wonderful for fillet in the can.

One look at our tuna fillets in the jar and your mouth will water. You can see the hand-selected fillets positioned just for a perfect presentation. The premium fillets are immersed in olive oil, making them moist and flavorsome. We know that with one taste and you’ll be hooked.

Our tuna fillets are wild and responsibly caught and carefully packed by hand into the can or jar.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-Tuna Fillet

We offer…

• Yellowfin Tuna Fillet in Sunflower Oil
• Yellowfin Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil
• Skipjack Tuna Fillet in Sunflower Oil

Available in 4.4oz Club can with litho print, sleeve box or easy-open lid.
Premium fillets are also available in 8.8oz and 5.3oz glass jars.

Casablanca's Greatest Catch-tuna filet


For more information on our premium & sustainably certified private label canned seafood line Casablanca's Greatest Catch please contact us.

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